How to lose weight just by eating

There are many misconceptions about fat a lot of people say fats cause obesity, heart disease, and so on.

In this post, I will be explaining what’s right and what’s wrong about fat based on science all this information is proven and trusted and, I am responsible for what I am writing here.

So, be confident and follow the plan I am telling you in this blog to live your life in the form without any disease. Let’s get started.

65% of your brain consists of fat, all your cells have lipid membranes, all hormones without any exception synthesized from fat, Vitamin A, D, E, K, K2 and, F from fat. Also, fat is a pure source of energy this tells the importance of fat it’s illogical to say fat harm you. But of course, you have to eat them in balance.

Types of fat

1. saturated fat will be in a solid form such as butter, fat from meat this all saturated fat.

2. Unsaturated fat has empty hydrogen atoms and may be oxidized if they find oxygen atom this in liquid form such as oil.

3.Hydrogenated fat this unsaturated fat and we add hydrogen atom and converted to hydrogenated fat this type of fat causes all the problems. Heart diseases, arteriosclerosis and, so on caused by this type of fat.

There is no relationship between heart diseases and saturated fat, a lot of research approved that, saturated fat doesn’t cause any type of disease.

Check out this research here

75% of clots if unsaturated fat and 0nly 25% is saturated fat. So, Why do clots occur? the answer is due to the high glucose levels I will explain it in a minute.

Now you understand the types of fat and what type of fat you should eat, you should eat saturated fat. Also, you can eat unsaturated fat if you don’t put it in the fire.

Do not eat vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, this unnatural oil causes heart diseases.

So, you can eat saturated fat such as butter and coconut oil because they don’t fat affected by high temperature.

Eat olive oil(extra version oil) but don’t put it in fire(gas) because it’s unsaturated when you put in gas it will be oxidized and causes cancer and, other diseases.

Fried foods such as fried potatoes, fried chicken and, so on. These types of oils your body removed after 52 days.

So, if you want to cook food try to use butter, and, for salat and rice use olive oil without putting on gas.

You can eat egg yolk( the yellow part of the egg), eat fish, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, tuna, salmon and, so on all these types of fat are healthy and don’t cause any problem.

Avoid fried food, unsaturated fat, hydrogenated fat, eat saturated fat, and control your calories and you will be in the safe zone.

Organic butter( natural butter) is a superfood it’s one of the best types of food you can eat it contains all types of vitamins. It has K2 vitamin which prevents increasing the level of cholesterol, important for teeth and joints. And anti prostatic cancer.

This butter has cupper, selenium, Zenic, Butyric acid.

Selenium is the number 1 antioxidant that prevents cancer.

Zinc increases the amount of sperm in males, increases immunity and, very important to diabetic patients.

Butyric acid is the first antioxidant for breast cancer.

The fat of butter will be burned 100% it can’t form fat or store in your body.

Coconut oil has medium-chain amino acids that give high energy and can be absorbed slowly, lauric acid that prevents viral infection, antibacterial, and antifungal.

Avocado, has useful fat and increases your energy, and can’t be stored.

You can peanuts in small amounts to avoid increasing the calories.

Salmon and Tuna have useful fat.

Let’s talk about cholesterol there is no relation between blood cholesterol and the cholesterol in food, all your cells need cholesterol for their membrane every day your body forms 2-gram

cholesterol so, when you eat cholesterol your body will take a rest from synthesizing cholesterol. If you eat 10 eggs a day this equals 2 grams.

So, now you be wondering how fat doesn’t cause weight gain!! the answer is the first cause of obesity is insulin because when insulin rises it opens your cells to store fat. I wrote a separate article about this point.

When you eat fat insulin won’t increase because there is no sugar and thus No cells will be opened. But be careful when you eat fat to monitor your calories. You can eat 75% fat 10% protein and 5% vegetables this is the regime of the keto diet.

Watch this video here

When you burn one molecule of carbohydrate you will get 2 calories

When you burn one molecule of fat gives 9 calories very high energy.

The energy you get from eating fat stay longer time than the energy you get from eating carbohydrates.

Fat necessary for your brain, heart, and, prolongs the digestion period. one fat diet can be enough for 8 or 9 hours.

And thus you lose weight because you don’t eat many times a day. But when you eat sugar-containing food that can be digested in 30 minutes then you will eat again and again and that leads to obesity.

If you have problems with digestion or bile duct inflammation don’t eat fat because you can’t absorb it.

When you eat sugar-containing food insulin level will increase then causes injury in a blood vessel due to these injuries your body will bring cholesterol to fix these injuries and therefore will lead to clots formation.

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