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“is a high cholesterol diet bad?…. “Best plan to follow

cholesterol diet

cholesterol diet

In this post, we’ll talk about cholesterol and it’s the importance

Is cholesterol really bad for your health?

Let’s dive in


Every day your body releases 2-gram cholesterol, your entire brain consists of cholesterol, all your body cells have cholesterol on their outer membranes, all hormones made from cholesterol.

There are three types of cholesterols


  1. HDL = high density lipoproetin =good
  2. LDL = low density lipoprotein =bad
  3. Triglycerides


HDL plays an important role in maintaining cholesterol levels by renewing the cholesterol molecules in the body.

LDL causes clots in blood vessels these clots will be formed as a result of inflammation.



Any inflammation will be caused by high levels of sugar that why in many posts I encourage you to stop sugar consumption at all and use alternatives such as honey.

cholesterol diet


The high levels of sugar in the blood and high levels of insulin these are the main cause of clots, not cholesterol because when there is an inflammation in the blood vessels will result in injuries of the vessels then cholesterol will accumulate to stop bleeding.



This is why high sugar level is the main cause of clots.


Only animal fats contain vitamin K2 this vitamin takes calcium from the blood vessel to bones.

If vitamin K2 is deficient calcium will accumulate in blood vessels and causes clots due to calcium precipitation.

Eat the yellow part of eggs, cheese, meat to get enough amount of cholesterol.



Don’t care about cholesterol levels care about your glucose levels and triglycerides which cause clots.

So, by eating animal fat you protect yourself from heart diseases and clots because there’s no calcium deposition in your heart and blood vessels.


Sources of calcium



cheese, vegetables, Yogurt, and other dairy products.

Calcium is very important not only for bones but to prevent cancer by helping apoptosis to kill cancerous cells.

Calcium is very important for heart and, muscle contraction.



Now let’s talk about one of the most important minerals in your about and about 60% of people have a deficiency of this mineral. This is magnesium


Magnesium you can take before sleep, another thing I want to emphasize if you consume calcium without consuming enough amount of magnesium you will get clots.

Magnesium and calcium always go together they antagonize each other calcium causes contraction and magnesium causes relaxation.

Sources of magnesium



Avocado, dark chocolate, vegetables, eggs.

The daily need of magnesium 4.5 grams.

Sodium also, an essential mineral for the heart, muscles, brain, maintain your body hydrated You need 1.5 grams a day.

If your sodium levels increased will cause high blood pressure, clots, digestive tract disease, and edema.


How to remove the Excess water from your body?



Sometimes when you eat some type of food or drink alcohol then you wake up you will notice that your face is swelling.

To remove this water there are some major things and common things you need to know.



The major things if you have heart problems you’ll commonly have swelling because if your heart muscle can’t contract well this results in edema( swelling in your legs )



In this case you need to ask your doctor to prescribe you some heart drugs.

The second cause of this swelling is renal problems.

High sugar levels also, cause excess water retention in your body


Sodium chloride (NaCl) also, causes water retention.

If you don’t drink enough water your body will keep the water and prevents water secretion this can lead to swelling the solution is to drink enough amount of water.


The best and fastest way to remove the excess water from your body is to drink water, eat substances that secret sodium such as parsley, Dandelion tea this tea will increase water and sodium secretion very well if you drink 3 glasses of this tea.

Do exercise to increase the force of your muscle contraction which leads to secret more water and sodium.


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