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How to use fruit and vegetable juice recipes for weight loss

fruit and vegetable juice recipes

Fruit and vegetable juice recipes for weight loss are really helping, especially if you want to shed some pounds of your weight but you prefer the healthier way.

fruit and vegetable juice recipes

Of course, there are lots of ways when it comes to losing some pounds. But if you like something healthy, vegetables and fruits will be the best option.

The fruits and vegetables diet plan should be accompanied by other things like healthy fat and healthy protein sources.

The main key to losing weight is by taking fewer calories than your body uses it.


fruit and vegetable juice recipes
fruit and vegetable juice recipes

Breakfast to start the day


Breakfast is the important thing to start the day. But you cannot take it carelessly. You can try to alter the presence of cheese or eggs with some mushrooms, onions, and spinach on the morning omelet.

If you used to take cereal in the morning, you can cut back the amount and put some strawberries, peaches, or bananas. You definitely can have a bowl of cereal with fewer calories for sure.

Menu for the lunch

The new version of burrito with onion, cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce will give you fewer calories but it adds a lot of fiber intake to your body. You may need meat and cheese but of course, you can put a fewer amount of it.


fruit and vegetable juice recipes
fruit and vegetable juice recipes

Soup is also a portion of good and yummy food for lunch. But you can replace 2 ounces of meat or one cup of noodles with vegetables like broccoli, beans, carrots, and red pepper for your soup with broth in it.

Vegetables are great to fill up the soul. Your calories are on the right level and you will not be starving for the whole afternoon.

Treat in the dinner

You better stay away from rice and pasta and consume more fruits and vegetables. Broccoli, onions, peppers, squash, and tomatoes will be a great salad on your plate rather than eating a plate of rice or pasta.

Vegetables will make you satisfied but you do not consume those extra calories in the starchy foods.

It is important to consider a bigger portion of fruits and vegetables on your dinner plate. Of course, the fat and protein presence is needed but you can just eat a little of them.

Stay away from pasta, rice, and cheese during dinner will help you to reduce the number of calories in your food but you still feel satisfied even longer.

The portion is also playing a huge role when it comes to a weight loss diet. The normal portion is suggested because the result will not be significant even if you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables but in a bigger portion.


The main key of this plan is substitution. The weight loss will happen only if you alter your usual meals with fruits and vegetables.

But if you eat more fruits and vegetables while you still eat your usual meal. That will only add up your calorie intake.

So, if fiber is your thing and fruits and veggies are just your favorites then you should try fruit and vegetable juice recipes for weight loss.



Garlic and Lemone Juice for weight loss



Garlic and lemon juice for weight loss is really proven. It is helpful to reduce weight but it comes with time consistency and needs.

The calorie deficit can happen if you have a balance exercise and diet. It gets working when you add more materials in a process of weight loss.

You’re getting a fast result. Garlic and lemon juice are beneficial for weight loss. Don’t you trust it?

A Burning Process of Fat with Garlic


A study had been conducted to prove the effectiveness of garlic. This garlic is helpful and effective to burn fat and calorie in the body.

If you don’t trust it, you should prove it. Try to eat high-calorie and fatty foods. After that, you should consume garlic supplements for 2 months. Let’s wait and see the result. You’ll lose weight significantly depending on the other supplements.

If you prefer old garlic and extracted its juice, it is possibly conducted. It tends to be much effective for weight loss.

But, you need to do exercises. Though a study has warned that mature garlic can risk cardiovascular health, but it is good for weight loss as long as you consume it normally.

Blending lemon and garlic is a great choice. It doesn’t increase the taste of this herb but it is helping weight loss.

The garlic is not only losing weight but it is also increasing blood circulation and able to reduce blood sugar influencing diabetes patients.

It is known that blood pressure causes gastrointestinal problems. Before starting with treatment with garlic and lemon especially for weight loss.

Make sure that you’re healthy well and consult the doctor so that you can consume it regularly.


Lemon Is Beneficial for Weight Loss


Lemon Is Beneficial for Weight Loss
Lemon Is Beneficial for Weight Loss

Garlic and lemon juice for weight loss is a good combination. It has been mentioned that one particular food or drink is never making the difference in weight if you don’t carry out exercises.

Lemon is one of the important elements making your weight burned quickly than the other edible products.

Lemon water is one of the important drinks losing calories. You can add garlic to make it run successfully.

Drinking water is another important aspect for those trying to lose weight. It should consume sure water level in the right time interval to restore a process of weight loss.

Lemon only adds benefits for weight loss but it is unable to meet the benefits of mineral water. That’s why you should consume mineral water for the maximal result of weight loss.

Lemon is useful for weight loss. Polyphenol is contained in lemon being a clear factor to reduce weight.

Lemon juice includes ¼ content of daily vitamin C. It stimulates to reduce weight. It is possible to change the role of lemon juice for weight loss? lemon juice is possible but there are no better juices than lemon juice.

Lemon juice contains a high vitamin C level that is great for burning fat and reducing your weight. No reasons make you doubt garlic and lemon juice for weight loss.



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