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How to lose weight by following “….. Low carbohydrates diet “

Low carbohydrates diet

Low carbohydrates diet

In this low carbohydrate diet post, I will give you the main bases to follow, and then I will tell you how is your body dealing with this diet to know how the right things for your body.


To put your own diet plan without asking anyone. also, we’ll talk about prohibited foods that you should avoid, and examples of recipes you may choose from.



Let’s dive in

What is a Low carbohydrates diet?


A low carbohydrate diet is to decrease the intake of glucose-containing foods to avoid increasing levels of insulin in your body.

When glucose level increases in your body it will increase insulin level in your body then insulin will increase fat storage and lead to obesity.


The first thing you should do is to walk every day before your breakfast between 30-40 minutes. Because it’s difficult to lose weight or create an active body without doing any physical activity.


The second thing is



Low carbohydrates diet

You should sleep early and, don’t stay alert after 11 pm if you can sleep before it will be more effective and better in your hormonal cycle.


Otherwise, your hormones will be disrupted, starve at night, your body won’t burn fat and you can lose weight even if you are doing exercise for long period without sleeping you can’t lose weight. At least 7 to 8 hours sleeping.

Third point



Low carbohydrates diet

Avoid stress take magnesium before bedtime to help you to relax and decreases stress, vitamin C, do your exercises regularly, drink lemon and eat vegetables.


Because if you have stress will increase the levels of cortisol and accumulates fat in your body.

Point #4

Calculate your calories


if you follow a ketogenic diet or carnivore diet you don’t have to calculate calories because high-fat meal makes you feel saturated for long period and you don’t have to eat many times as if you follow a carb diet due to the fast digestion process in carbohydrates meals.



Decrease 500 of your total calories.

Avoid sugar-containing food
Don’t eat or drink anything that contains sugar.


Avoid flour


There are two types of carbohydrates the good carbohydrates such as vegetables and fruits. Fruits for people who don’t have diabetes, who are not obese and, who don’t have kidney problems.


The bad carbohydrates such as potato, pasta and, sugars.

Flour contains gluten which causes celiac disease and digestion problems.


You can eat lentil contains protein and good sugars. But don’t eat the other types of legumes.

Eat oats it contains carbohydrates and, decreases cortisol.


Eat Sweet Potato in low carbohydrate diet

it contains potassium, vitamin C and, proteins.

There is an island in china called kenoa people on this island 85% depending on sweet potato and their ages reach up to 100 years.

Sweet potato contains a very high level of Vitamin A which necessary for your vision and skin and, good amounts of vitamin C, antioxidants, proteins and, carbohydrates.



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Eat Mushrooms has high protein content and low calories.

Eat Quinoa is a complete protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids.

Low carbohydrates diet

Pumpkin makes you

Feel fuller
Boost vision
Decrease blood pressure
Improve your heart.
How to prepare your diet
If you want to lose weight or, you have diabetes divide your meal into the following


50% of your calories get from the carbohydrates we have already mentioned above.

30% of your meal should be protein

20% healthy fat (animal fat)

Your meal’s time should be like the following

After you wake up and do exercise take your breakfast around 8 AM eat protein and fat in your breakfast to stay full as long as possible.


You can eat two or three eggs with butter and cheese. Or, you can eat chicken but it’s important to eat fat and protein in your breakfast this important because it will stay for a long period and your body will burn fat.


For the lunch, the meal you can take half of your meal vegetables, 2/3 protein, and 1/3 fat.

For diner eat vegetables, salad or, you can eat oats with yogurt if you want.


Don’t forget to calculate your calories or if it’s difficult for you to calculate just monitor your weight how is it going if you are losing weight that’s fine if not try to reduce the amount of food in each meal.


Don’t eat carbohydrates alone such as potato and pasta or, rice alone because if you eat completely carbohydrates meal this will increase your insulin massively.

Eat carbohydrates with protein and fat meals.

Your body uses carbohydrates only as an energy source.


Proteins to build your body muscles, bone, hair, nails, and so on, if you have hair loss or weak muscles that means you have low protein in your body and, you should eat more proteins.


Fats for all hormone synthesis, cells, and energy.

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